Hannah’s work deals with her experience with the non physical world. She explores the quality of human consciousness, the forces within and around us that shape the state of being.

Prior to 2019 Hannah employed manufactured objects characterizing the outer aspects of existence, our bodies, the tangible world. She juxtaposed this with rich layers of paint, giving voice to the unseen, non corporeal dimension of our inner being.

In her current work, she utilizes paper to explore transparency as an interpretation of the ethereal, adding subtle contrasts with watercolor and marks to convey elements of energy and mysticism. Working intuitively, Hannah joins these components together through risk taking experimentation, discernment of color choices and levels of transparency, and varied mark making. Throughout her process, she strives to let the work dictate what it needs and so her choices are moment to moment. She prefers to work on multiple pieces at a time, giving her a sense of invested detachment but also, working this way helps inform each painting as they start to converse among themselves. A work nears completion when there is harmony among the elements, a vitality simmering beneath the surface, and sense of our infinite nature.